A Course Is Only As Good As It Is Suitable!

Every course must suit:

  • The level of the event.
  • The purpose of that particular class.
  • Where it fits in the horses’ and riders’ schedule for the day, the week, & the year.
  • The size of the arena.
  • The weather conditions and the footing.
  • The day’s time schedule.
Course Designers Must Always Consider:
  • Safety, first and last.
  • Producing fair and fun sport.
  • Promoting horsemanship by always rewarding good training and riding.
  • Presenting the sport in a beautiful and natural way.
  • Directing the future of the sport.
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Experienced Horses

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International Course Designer Coming to 2013 Jumper Classic

August 22, 2013, Gloucester, Massachusetts – An exciting new venue and a new course designer are coming to The Jumper Classic equestrian show jumping competition this September 4-8 in Ipswich, Massachusetts. International course designer Oscar Soberon will give riders a new opportunity to challenge their skills on a beautifully-maintained grass polo field on magnificent 100-acre…

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